ISKCON Raichur

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Shashtra Daan

Ignorance is the mother of all sins. The giving of the gift of knowledge is the best charity. It is equivalent to giving the whole world in charity

Why donate a Gita?

Is it not better to donate food for needy?

Definetly it is a sacred cause and ISKCON is also distributing millions of plates of santified prasadam to needy every day. This solves the problem of hunger. There is also an uprorious increase of social crimes and addiction to sinful habits, how to educate people not to do these??

Shastra Daan can save lives

The timeless wisdom of Gita presented with parampara explanations by Srila Prabhupada has transformed millions of people’s lives all over the world since 5 decades now. A plate of food can mitigate the hunger one time, whereas knowledge can transform a person’s life.

You can transform someone’s life now by your kind contribution towards this sacred cause.

Donate Student Edition Bhagavad-Gita

Rs. 300 per Gita