ISKCON Raichur

The last day of KARTHIK MASS

First full moon day of the month of Kartik.
The day when Lord Krishna performed the Rasa Lila dance

This Purnima (full moon) is considered very auspicious to Hindus and Jains.
It takes places after the monsoon season has ended,
so the skies are clearer and darker making the moon seem brighter than normal. 
This day marks the victory of Lord Shiva over three demons,
Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana.
The demons had taken control of the earth after vanquishing the gods and creating Tripura,
three cities in space. On this day,
Lord Shiva killed the demons with a single arrow.
This deed impressed the gods so much that it was declared as a festival of illumination,
and hence it is also known as Dev-Diwali (Diwali for the gods.)
Devotees of Krishna believe that on this day,
the god performed the Rasa Lila, the dance of divine love.
The Rass Lila is part of the traditional story of Krishna described in Hindu scriptures in which he dances with the goddess Radha. 

Chaturmas is reserved for penance,
austerities, fasting, bathing in holy rivers and religious observances for all.
Devotees resolve to observe some form of vow,
be it of silence or abstaining from a favourite food item,
or having only a single meal in a day.

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